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Veelzijdig in kruiden en vruchten


Welcome at karinskruiden.nl. My name is Karin and I live in Lutten, a small village in the east of the Netherlands. All that grows and blossoms fascinates me, in all its simplicity. I am a diplomated herbalist, I received my bachelors degree from Kruidencentrum De Sprenk in De Mortel (Province of North Brabant) in 2016. This herbalist study program is aknowledged by KTNO. It is a very broad education, which focusses on health improving herbs, wild species of flora and nutrition.

On our website we give you an insight in our products and methods. More information can be found at Create or Watch.

Our products can be found and bought at local markets, fairs and festivals. Dates and locations are listed at Experience.

We also sell our products, and some products from other local producers, in our shop. Feel free to pay us a visit. We’d love to show you our gardens, where our herbs, vegetables and fruits grow and blossom. You can find the address and visiting hours at Visit.

Last but not least: we offer various workshops. Feel free to ask for the possibilities and see Participate.