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Veelzijdig in kruiden en vruchten

in a workshop

Would you like to participate in a fun and educational workshop? What about making your own ointment? We offer easy accessible, relaxing workshops. Ask us about the different possibilties. Below is a summary of previous workshops.

'Body butter & Soap’.
A group, consisting of people from all over the country, had a really great time making soap. The soaps had to mature for some time and were sent to them later.

De Herboristen penning uitgereikt tijdens de diplomering op 30 september 2016.
Tekenen van het diploma.

All precautions were taken. The soaps were made in our garden.

Indoors people were busy melting butters and adding oils. Are you just going with orange or will you add some lavender too? It’s your choice!

‘Cream & Ointment’.
Sociable workshop with a group of friends. They made a basic cream and an ointment by choice. We offered a range of different ingredients they could use, depending on their skin type. See pictures below for an impression.

Products are cooling off while the friends had a chitchat in the garden.

All ready for the next instructions from Karin.