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Veelzijdig in kruiden en vruchten


A peek behind the scenes.

Mixing herbs for herbal tea:
After determining the new range of products, dried herbs from last harvest year will be mixed. Of cource the fast moving products will return.

After mixing the tea will be weighed and put in a window packaging, so you can see what you buy.

After mixing the tea will be weighed and put in a window packaging, so you can see what you buy.

The colourful content is pleasing to the eye, as much as they do the taste buds. All herbs are from our own garden.

There's also a possibility to make your own mixture in our shop. Karin can help and advise you to make your own herbal tea.

Drying herbs:

There is a lot of work to be done, before we can sell our herbal tea. After we hand picked the herbs they are dried in our shop. We use a cabinet with shelves to air dry them. This preserves colour and ingrediënts way better than by artificial drying. Drying herbs takes a week or two, depending on which herb and what use. Next step is weighing the herbs. This is an important step to be able to determine the mixes for next year.

De Herboristen penning uitgereikt tijdens de diplomering op 30 september 2016.
Tekenen van het diploma.

Compositions can vary from year to year, because we depend on what nature has to offer and what is in demand. In general our herbal teas are primarily tasty and strengthening, each in a different part of your body. During spring the herbs are mixed and packed.

Creating soap:
We make bars of soap not only to sell in our own shop, but the bars are also sold at ‘Kleinlangevelsloo’ in Heino. Our nice bars of soap are made of raw milk. You can see the process in the pictures. The mixture is poured in moulds and ready to age.

Creating ointments:
We only use organic ingrediënts for our products. Look at these nice little jars of various ointments.

Comfrey macerate and burdock tincture:
First we dig up the comfrey and clean it.


Then we chop it in small pieces and put in a pan together with olive oil. We heat it up multiple times to extract the ingrediënts. This macerate will be used in ointments.

The burdock will also be cleaned and chopped in pieces. We use alcohol as solvent to extract the ingrediënts. This process takes a few weeks and it has to be shaken daily.

burdock, ready for processing

Apple compote:
The apples were picked and we can start making compote! Karin peeled all the appels by hand. It was one hell of a job, but its definitely worth it!

Schillen van de appels door Karin

Making Juice:
We pick the elderberries from our own garden. After washing them thoroughly but gently, we put them in the fridge for a couple of hours, together with cane sugar, half a cinnamon stick and a clove. This way the juice will get its good taste. The juice pan is ready to do its job!

Appel compôte in de pot

Now we can start filling juice in bottles and put on a cap. We lay them down to cool down. Then we put labels on the bottles and voila! elderberry juice from KarinsKruiden is ready to be sold!